Writer’s Weekly Retreat: Three Simple Steps To Generating Repeat Traffic

Most authors believe that the best way to boost hits to their site is to draw in new traffic. While this is a very effective technique many over look the huge impact repeat traffic can have on their stats. As a site owner, one of your most important tasks is to make your site a place where people will want to visit again and again.

While there is no magic formula for generating repeat traffic there are three simple steps you can take to encourage your visitors to come back for regular visits.

Step One: Create a stunning site with valuable informative and entertaining content. If your site hosts little more than a bullet list of your titles and a brief blurb for an author bio there will be little to draw the visitor in. Engage your audience with a site design that pleases the senses and content that stimulates their brain and you’ll keep them coming back again and again.

Step Two: Update frequently. The more often you update your site the more often people will return. This means adding new content as well as updating or improving existing content when possible. Consider including a “what’s new” section so that people can quickly find out what has been added since their last visit.

Step Three: Set up a mailing list or newsletter to let interested parties know when your site has been updated. By sending out a mailing each time you update your site you’ll encourage people to stop by to see what’s new.

Creating good content, maintaining frequent updates and sending out announcements will go a long way to helping you generate repeat traffic to your site.


Make it easy for visitors to spread the word about your site. Encourage word-of-mouth marketing by including “share this site with a friend” links, web rings, banner exchanges and newsletter forwarding.

Respect your visitor’s privacy. Never share, trade or sell your visitors’ email addresses without their permission. Building trust is a wonderful way to build relationships with your site visitors.


~ by danielledevon on February 25, 2009.

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