Wicked Wednesday with Lexi Adair

“Rockstar” by Lexi Adair

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ISBN: 978-1-60504-469-9

Length: Novella

Price: 3.50

Publication Date: March 10, 2009

It’s not the act. It’s the details…

Incredibly tight-lipped and painfully private, Anthony Phoenix has been known to make lesser women cry. Luckily, Summer Staite is by no means a lesser woman. It’s her job to know his type—rich, handsome, famous and used to getting what he wants. A dangerous, seductive combination. Luckily for her it’s not the man she’s after. It’s his story. A story that’ll earn her the respect she craves—one they tell her is impossible to get.

“They” have no idea how far she’ll go.

With his freight-train vocals, dark intensity and brooding good looks, Anthony is well aware he presents a challenge to the brazen columnist from Stripped Magazine. Yet she intrigues him more than he cares to admit. Beneath her soft, girl-next-door façade, she drips with the kind of sensuality that makes him edgy. High. And completely stupid.

Stupid enough to let her get into the act…and under his skin.

by Lexi Adair

An Excerpt

Summer caught sight of Anthony as the band poured from the stage at the end of
the concert. His dark hair was damp and curled slightly at the tips. His gaze
was cast downward and she couldn’t see the dark sapphire irises that could make
her entire body tingle with one glance. A layering of chiseled muscles ripped
down his chest beneath his half-unbuttoned black shirt. Damn he was sexy. Too
good looking for his own good and he knew it.

Anthony lifted his gaze and genuine surprise etched his damp face. He stopped
dead in his tracks, triggering a domino effect as his bandmates stumbled over

“You need a map, Tony?” the drummer joked as he slapped Anthony on the back and stepped around him.

A round of laughter burst out backstage but Anthony didn’t so much as crack a
smile. He was focused on Summer alone.

Heat licked up her body like a needy tongue. Intentionally, she broke eye
contact and turned back to Jenny.

“It must be exciting meeting so many celebrities.” Excitement charged Jenny’s
words. “Sometimes I think I might like…” Her words trailed off as something
behind Summer drew her attention.

Anthony took Summer by the arm and yanked her up to him. He drew his hand upward and trailed it along the length of her arm, over her bare shoulder then finally he wrapped his hand around the base of her neck. One by one, his fingers curled, caressing her skin as he had caressed his mic.

He pulled her close and their lips rested a mere breath apart. The air between them was thick with unspoken need. He pressed his lips to hers, hungrily devoured her with a desperate, breathless kiss.

Summer’s lips parted in eager acceptance. His tongue slipped softly over hers in
a moist, breathless dance. He drew in a deep, shaky breath as Summer ran her
hands up his back, sliding them up until her fingers were buried in his dark
hair. She bit down softly on his lower lip, suckling the tender flesh as a deep
moan escaped from his lips.

The world faded away into the shadows. The hoots and hollers from the stage crew were but a distant echo as he trailed kisses down her jaw, tracing the long line of her neck. “Damn it, woman.” His warm breath feathered across her skin. “I’ll give you your story.”

For more about Rockstar visit Lexi’s website at http://www.lexiadair.com

Buy the book now at: http://www.mybookstoreandmore.com/shop/product.da/rockstar

Danielle’s Weird Question of the Day:

If you were stranded on an island what three things could you not live without?

  • My laptop because without it I couldn’t write.
  • My iPhone… what can I say, I’m a junkie who always has to be connected lol
  • My family… as sappy as that sounds, I don’t think I could live without my husband and kids. 🙂

~ by danielledevon on March 11, 2009.

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